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IGP Pays d'Oc White

PGI Pays d'Oc white mish-mash

Grape Varieties : Viognier, Chardonnay.
Soil Type : Chalky, white soil. Northern Orientation.
Plantation Density : 4 500 Vines to the hectare.
Yield : 60 hl / ha.
Type of culture : Environment friendly culture.
Vinification : The grapes are harvested at night in order to reduce the risk of excessive temperatures. The musts are extracted using a pneumatic press under inert gas. In this way all oxidation is avoided. The settling of the juice is effected at low temperature. Fermentation takes place under controlled temperature.
Maturing : 5 months in vats on lees with a stirring frequency determinate by tastings made by the cellar master. No fining of the wine and tartaric acid stabilization through low temperature. Light filtering before bottling.
Packaging : Bordelaise Élégance 750 ml bottles. Screw stopper or Technical stopper according to convenience.
May be aged : 3 years.


Very floral nose with scents of lilies mixed with apricots. Her dress is bright with very harmonious golden reflections.
In the mouth, the attack is fresh and full with a very nice complexity of fruit.

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